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Janice first started the business in February 1996 with a much needed career change. She had been hanging wallpaper for a number of years for family and friends, on the side, but knew some training and study would be necessary. So she trained with the American School of Paperhanging Arts and the National Guild of Professional Paperhangers. Life was good, business was great, enough to need a second person. Husband, Stephen was the perfect choice to hire. He joined the company, left his old job and has been working with Janice ever since.

We work great together too, some clients say “like a hand in a glove”, and “like a well oiled machine”. As business grew we found a niche in working with window coverings.

In 2005 we added window coverings retail sales, service and installation. With all that, On The Wall Incorporated began trading as On The Wall and Windows. This is more than just a job to us. We’ve invested a big portion of who we are into this business and we love it. We are non smokers and non drinkers, some would say really boring. We don’t hire subs to do the work for us and are the only full time employees. The only time we have any outside help is the very rare occasion when we need five or more hands. And we’ve learned the importance to choose those rare helpers very carefully.

We still remove and install wallpaper. That has always been the heartbeat of the company. We no longer do large commercial wallpaper jobs. There are some great people out there who do that full time. We mostly do high end wallpaper jobs with a sprinkle of small commercial jobs here and there.

We would love to meet you! If you want to meet with us too, give us a call at (540) 793-1204 or visit our Contact Us page to schedule an appointment!

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