Wallpaper Installation

Why Choose On the Wall and Windows for your Wallpaper Installation?

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Why put such an expensive investment into your home or your business in the hands of an untrained, non-licensed, uninsured, unqualified or under-qualified paperhanger?
Make the better choice, the safer choice, where the solution is clear…
At On the Wall and Windows, we are formally trained wall-covering installation service providers. We are licensed class B contractors, and insured for your protection.  We pride ourselves in making every effort to maximize the impact of each wall we encounter.  Here is our formula for success and how we achieve our goals…
  • We measure and assess the areas to receive the wall-covering.

  • We provide wall preparation – poor preparation equals poor results

  • Choosing the correct materials for proper adhesion of material

  • Engineering and consideration of the placement of  design aspects

  • Pleasing the eye and sometimes even fooling it a bit…

  • We finish our work cleanly, with great respect for the client’s property.

  • We love wall-covering and our industry!!!